Evil Author Day 2013

So Evil Author Day is here again….

Keira was nice enough to allow us to play in her sandbox and I decided to jump in.

1. Evil Author Day: Complicated Choices

Life, like anything else, is complicated

2. Evil Author Day: How to Make It Work

What’s next?

3. Evil Author Day: The Fire Burning Within

Wildfires are never without damage

4. Evil Author Day: Elements

Everyone is attuned to something.

5. Evil Author Day: Family Trees and How They Branch

It’s not so much a tree as a knot. One of the really gnarly ones.

6. Evil Author Day: Terror

Terror should not be a weapon. Not when it was wielded against yourself

6 thoughts on “Evil Author Day 2013

  1. irinamarenco says:

    ‘plucking petals’ I love Ladyholder – I hate Ladyholder – I love Ladyholder – I hate Ladyholder …
    As usual, I love your stories, even as a just a tease. My favorites: Elements and How to Make It Work. I’m hoping there’ll be more of them soon.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Stardragonsden says:

    Thank you for the presents. You made my day. They are all good but I think I would agree that Elements is the most interesting probably because it starts a whole new story line. It is totally different from any others I’ve read.

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